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Teen Guide to Separation & Divorce

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Kids First: Provides online resources, phone help, referrals, and in-person groups for kids and teens going through divorce.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance: More information about the divorce process in Maine and many other legal topics.

KIDS LEGAL Find legal topics for teens, including school issues, running away, dating violence, and more.

2-1-1 Maine: Sponsored by the United Way, this site indexes many Maine social services, such as places to find financial supports, crisis hotlines, and other social services. Or call 2-1-1 for phone help.

Teen Dating Violence: Learn how to identify when you are being abused and how to protect yourself.

Maine Teen Talk

Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault

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Q & A

I really feel like I need some help. Who should I ask?

There are lots of people around you who can help. Tell your parents, teacher, school counsellor, family doctor or another adult you trust.

If you aren't getting the help you think you need, keep asking until you get it.