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Parent Guide to Separation & Divorce

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What if our situation changes?

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Can we change a child support agreement or court order?

The court understands that things change. One parent may lose a job or get a big raise. Health insurance factors may shift.  These are just a couple of typical examples of changes that could call for a “modification” (change) of the child support order.

Go to the Pine Tree Legal site to read about how to prepare and file a Motion to Modify a Family Law Judgment.

You can use Pine Tree’s Automated Child Support Calculator to estimate what the new amount would be.


What happens if I receive child support and then get remarried?

If you remarry, the income of the new spouse does not generally affect the amount of child support. Either parent’s new spouse’s income is generally not considered when determining the amount of child support.


What happens if I pay child support and then have a second family?

If you are the paying parent and have a new family to support, you are still required to support your other children. However, this is an example of a situation where the court could re-evaluate the amount of child support you must pay. Also, if you are already paying court ordered support for other children, this factors into the calculation.