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How do we calculate the amount of child support?

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The court has very specific rules about how to determine child support. The Pine Tree Legal website explains how child support is calculated in Maine. Here are some of the basic Pine Tree Legal resources:

Automated FM-040 Child Support Worksheet: Use this automated worksheet to estimate what your child support will be. Pine Tree Legal makes every effort to apply the same detailed formulas that the Maine Courts use. But remember, only the Maine Court (or DHHS) can make and enforce this decision.

Calculating Your Child Support: This explains, step-by-step, how the Maine child support calculation works.

Divorce and Unmarried Parent Cases: Pine Tree Legal’s step-by-step interactive classroom.  It includes more about child support and other details about how the court process works in Maine.

What if the other parent doesn’t live in the same state or country?

All states have passed the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). This law lets courts in different states cooperate with each other. It explains what happens when the parents live in different states. The laws of the state where the child support order is issued determine the rules about collection and enforcement. 

Interstate cases can be complex and cause confusion. You can contact Maine DHHS Support Enforcement about “registering” an out-of-state child support order. Then you can seek DHHS help with changing or enforcing the order.  Depending on the country, DHHS may also be able to help you with parentage and child support issues if the other parent lives in another country.


What if a parent doesn’t pay child support?

Pine Tree Legal posts information about your choices:

See: Divorce and Parental Rights in Maine: How Do I Collect Child Support?

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